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I recently purchased the GREENER WALKER Poo Bags for my dog and I have been extremely impressed with their quality and eco-friendliness.

First and foremost, I love the fact that these bags are 100% biodegradable. As a responsible pet owner, it is important to me to reduce my carbon footprint and these bags make it easy to do so. I no longer have to worry about contributing to the plastic waste problem when disposing of my dog’s waste.

Furthermore, the bags are extra thick and strong, making them reliable for even the messiest of dog waste. I have never had a bag tear or leak, giving me peace of mind during our walks. Additionally, the bags are a perfect size and easy to open, making clean up quick and effortless.

I also appreciate the quantity of bags that come in one package – 540 to be exact. This will last me a long time and it’s great to know that I won’t run out anytime soon.

Overall, I highly recommend the GREENER WALKER Poo Bags for Dog Waste. They are environmentally friendly, durable, and convenient. It’s a small change that makes a big impact, and I’m glad to have made the switch to these biodegradable bags.

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