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I recently purchased the Cat Wall Shelves, Cat Wall Furniture Set for my two cats and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! This set includes multiple shelves, perches, and a climbing shelf playground that easily attaches to any wall, making it perfect for small spaces.

My cats absolutely love these shelves and perches. They spend hours lounging on the different levels and playing with each other on the climbing shelf. The set is very sturdy and can hold both of my cats, even when they are playing rough. I was initially worried about the installation process, but it was surprisingly easy and only took a few minutes to set up.

One of the best features of this set is the scratching post with 3 steps. My cats love to scratch, and this has saved my furniture from their sharp claws. The steps are also great for my older cat who has trouble jumping up onto higher surfaces.

Not only are these shelves functional, but they also add a decorative touch to my home. The sleek design and neutral color fit in perfectly with my decor. I also appreciate that the shelves are easy to clean and maintain.

Overall, I highly recommend the Cat Wall Shelves, Cat Wall Furniture Set to any cat owner looking to provide their furry friends with a fun and space-saving playground. It offers both functionality and style, and my cats absolutely love it. I will definitely be purchasing more from this brand in the future.

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